WEBINAR: GE Proficy® – Energy Management Solution in Pulp & Paper

Posted by John Leppiaho

Apr 30, 2015 3:46:30 PM

Energy_wordPulp & paper is one of the most intensive energy consumption industries within manufacturing (ranked 3rd in energy consumption in the USA).  In addition to the constant battle of energy cost, greenhouse gas and air emissions, competitive pressure, and aging equipment are driving the need for investment in solutions that can help to provide improvements and lower the overall energy spend.
According to a study in 2013 by the World Resources Institute (WRI) for Pulp & Paper producers in the mid-west, mills could reduce their energy usage by 25% by leveraging low-cost technology options. 1
The GE Proficy® – Manufacturing Energy Management Solution (MEMSTM) has been helping manufacturers monitor, analyze and respond to their energy and water consumption since 2005, and is helping to generate improvements. In addition to improving energy usage, which lowers their energy cost, mills are benefiting from lower greenhouse gas and air emissions.

Join Entegreat and industry energy expert Joe Craven as we discuss ways to reduce energy intensity for Pulp and Paper manufacturers. 
Reducing Energy Costs in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Thursday, May 7 at 2pm eastern (1pm central)
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This Webinar will have two key themes:

  1. GE Proficy® – Manufacturing Energy Management Solution (MEMSTM) demonstration. MEMSTM is an energy and water solution that leverages the GE Proficy® platform. For many companies this is a simple extension of the investment you have made. 
  2. Energy Cost in Pulp & Paper: Energy expert Joe Craven will discuss ways to reduce energy intensity in Pulp and Paper. Joe has over 31 years of experience in the Pulp and Paper Industry, is a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified Demand Side Manager by AEE.

Why Should You Attend?

Paper industry sources have stated that “Energy bills can be reduced by 10% without any capital investment costs,” and that 25-41% of energy use could be cut through efficiency improvements. Think of what just a 5% reduction in your energy consumption would mean to you!
Entegreat is proud to be a GE Intelligent Platforms Premier Solution Provider (PSP) and an Advanced Application Solution Partner (AASP). GE Intelligent Platforms has recognized Entegreat as an industry-leading systems integrator with proven skill sets and complementary technology application expertise.

 1 Energy Efficiency in U.S. Manufacturing: The Case of Midwest Pulp and Paper Mills.  World Resources Institute; Aden, Bradbury and Tompkins. 2013

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