Getting GE-IP Proficy’s Real-Time Information Portal (RTIP) and Internet Explorer to play nicely together

Posted by Chris Crawford

Mar 25, 2014 9:00:00 AM

If you are using Proficy Real-Time Information Portal with Internet Explorer, here are some issues to beware of…and assurance that they can and have been solved!

The Issues

GE-IP Proficy’s Real-Time Information Portal, or RTIP displays are shown to users as web pages.  Most manufacturing facilities use Internet Explorer as a standard for viewing web pages.  Several issues have been found using RTIP in this configuration.

  • Varying Internet Explorer toolbars and tabbed browsing causes diminished screen real estate, often adding unsightly scroll bars.
  • The user must type the URL into the Internet Explorer address bar to access the system.
  • IE Toolbar buttons, like “Back” “Stop” and “Refresh” confuse RTIP and cause the user to have to restart the RTIP program.
  • RTIP stores local copies of screens and other java related files, which may not allow updated screens to be displayed.
  • If a user mistakenly opens 2 RTIP Internet Explorer sessions, the Java resources used will be split causing erratic behavior which could corrupt displays.

The Solutions

Entegreat has developed a method of eliminating these issues, easing the workload on a facilities IT department, as well as establishing a consistent application look and feel to a facilities RTIP application.

  • The Entegreat “RTIP View” solution involves the creation of an easy to use installer which can be run silently or interactively with the familiar “next,” “next,” “next” buttons.  Once installed, the user is provided a specially designed desktop shortcut.RTIP_View

When the user launches the desktop shortcut, it will clean the RTIP “shmutz” (the RTIP local cache, check for and kill any open RTIP sessions, clear the local Java cache, and if desired, kill rogue java process) and launch a VBScript that will set up the user’s Internet Explorer view for the RTIP session,and only the RTIP session.  The view will remove all Internet Explorer tabs and toolbars, and provide the user with only the “minimize,”  “restore” and “Exit” buttons.

  • This will then eliminate any facility IT involvement with “customizing” the Internet Explorer look for each PC.  Any PC running the Entegreat “RTIP View” will run RTIP’s Internet Explorer session with a consistent look and feel.  More importantly, if the user opens another Internet Explorer window, it will be unaffected and have the normal IE “tabbed” look. 
  • A second optional VB script can also be run to Maximize the new IE view once it has opened, providing the user as much screen real estate as possible.
  • If needed, different “RTIP View” installers can be created for specific users.  For example, for “non admin” users, the RTIP toolbar can also be hidden, preventing any unwanted user “experimentation.”
  • For plant floor users, the username and password can also be passed in by the installer if desired.
  • If necessary, the “RTIP View” installer can also run additional scripts at the initial install:  host file edits, environment variable additions…whatever.

The Entegreat “RTIP View” solution can be a real “value added resource” to those wanting to standardize their RTIP look across the facility and/or remedy some the RTIP shortcomings noted above.




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